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Mojotone unveils BlackOut Tweed Select guitar amp

Mojotone has unveiled the BlackOut Tweed Select, a 15-watt guitar amp that updates the classic Tweed Deluxe format.

As well as a regular Tweed Deluxe tone on the normal channel - which also features treble and bass controls - the modern channel promises high-gain Tweed tones, using a tube complement of 2x 6V6, 1x 12AX7, 1x 12AY7 and a 5Y3 rectifier.

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All the amps are hand-wound using Mojo Dijon capacitors, Heyboer power transformer, carbon composite resistors and Alpha potentiometers, built inside a solid pine 1x12 cabinet covered in a ‘BlackOut Tweed’ finish, and loaded with a Mojotone British Series BV30.

The BlackOut Tweed Select is available now for $995 - see Mojotone for more info.

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