Modular, collapsible, Reveho's Slite might just be the ultimate travel electric guitar

(Image credit: Reveho)

Reveho has come up with quite possibly the most portable electric guitar we've seen in the shape of the Slite – a fully modular design that packs down into a compact travel case.

Remove the Slite from its case and you can reassemble in around 20 seconds, with "little to no retuning" required. Not only that, but the Slite is available with an onboard amplifier, and the whole thing can be charged via USB to perform wirelessly for up to six hours. 

In some respects, the Slite is a regular guitar. It is full-sized with a 25.5-inch scale, 24 frets, a maple fretboard with a 9.5-inch radius maple fretboard, and the proportions are normal. You can adjust the truss rod. You can adjust the bridge. 

But it's anything but. The Slite's neck is a two-part design, maple reinforced with carbon fibre. Pull it apart and it stows away nicely in the case.

(Image credit: Reveho)

As for the body, which has a Venetian cutaway, well, that's where clever engineering meets clever electrical engineering.

Reveho's design centres around an aluminium core to which you attach the two modular ABS plastic wings. Not only is the Slite collapsible, its modular construction allows you to customise it with a range of options offered by Reveho.

The treble-side wing houses the onboard preamp, effects and a tone circuit, with four buttons for switching pickups and tones. The full edition has a 12-watt class D power amp and speaker housed on the bass-side wing that can push out a very respectable 85dB.

The pickups are mounted on a magnetic base and easily removable. You can get a second set of pickup as an optional extra. You can also upgrade your Slite with low or high gain effects modules, each with an all-analogue signal path, a modular effects loop for adding your 'board to the signal chain, and a strap.

A guitar with an onboard amp and loudspeaker, fully wireless, and with effects? Bo Diddley would definitely have thrown some money at the Kickstarter. Which you can too.

The Slite is available now available to pre-order via Kickstarter with a forecasted launch in Spring 2021 – when, with some kind of luck, we might actually be able to travel.

Prices start at €1,869 for the Base Package, and €2,209 for the Amp Package, which comes complete with the amplifier in the bass-side wing.

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