Millenium Drums launches The Rookie - a £160 electronic drum set designed for children

Millenium The Rookie
(Image credit: Millenium Drums)

Millenium Drums has launched a brand new electronic drum set, named The Rookie, aimed at being a child-friendly kit for smaller people, and it follows Millenium's tradition of offering bang for not many bucks with a price tag of just £160.

The Rookie comes with a seven-inch snare pad, 3x seven-inch tom pads, 3x 8inch cymbals (crash, ride and hi-hat), plus a bass drum pedal (rather than a pad) and hi-hat controller pedal.

Mounted to a lightweight frame, The Rookie aims to be a compact electronic drum set, and thanks to the mesh-head pads across the snare and toms and footswitch bass drum controller, it’ll also keep the noise down. Also included in the box are headphones and a drum stool.

Millenium The Rookie

(Image credit: Millenium Drums)

The Rookie's module is loaded with 68 sounds, and arranged into a 12 kits covering styles such as rock, pop, metal, blues, reggae and more. It’s loaded with USB connectivity, allowing for mIDI connection to a computer, plus it features a stereo output for running to an amplifier, mix input for connecting a music player, and a headphone output for quiet practice.

Millenium says, “Children love drums! No other instrument can so perfectly combine the natural urge to move and the development of musicality and sense of rhythm. With the Millenium Rookie E-Drum Set with low-noise mesh head pads, even the youngest can enjoy this great instrument and learn the necessary basics without straining their parents’ ears too much. Headphones and a stool are already included in the package, so they can start immediately.”

The Rookie is available now from Thomann, currently priced at £168/€190/$202. For more information, head to Millenium’s website.

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