Mercuriall Audio is recreating the AMT Electronics SS-11 tube preamp in a plugin


Mercuriall Audio is preparing to release the SS-11X, a plugin version of AMT Electronics’ SS-11 tube preamp pedal. This promises Fender-style clean and powerful crunch and lead channels, and comes with the official backing of AMT, which supplied Mercuriall with electric circuits, hardware prototypes and production 3D models during development.

The end result, we’re assured, is a plugin that models its inspiration in extreme detail - in fact, the developer is confident that sound of the software is virtually indistinguishable from that of the hardware.

The SS-11X has some additional features, including a noise gate, a collection of overdrive pedals, cabinet and reverb IR loaders and the option to select your preferred preamp tubes. It’s also the first Mercuriall product to use the company’s new Neural Hybrid Engine, which is said to represent a more precise, flexible and faster method of modelling electric circuits.

The SS-11X will be released in the Autumn priced at at $39.99. Existing Mercuriall customers will be able to purchase it for $29.99.