Meinl announces eight new Trash Crashes across the Byzance range

Meinl Byzance Trash Crashes 2021
(Image credit: Meinl)

Gear 2021: Meinl has announced the addition of Trash Crashes to its most popular Byzance sub-ranges for 2021, offering Byzance fans the chance to add an FX tint that matches their current cymbals either as standalone crashes or for stacking.

The Trash crashes are available across the Byzance Brilliant, Dark, Extra Dry and Vintage ranges, with sizes from 16” to 20” depending on the series you choose. Each cymbal is drilled with two different hole diameters, with 8 holes on the 16” and 20” models, and 10 holes on the 18” crashes.  The full range of additions are as follows:

Byzance Brilliant: 16”, 18”

Byzance Dark: 18”, 20”

Byzance Extra Dry: 18”

Byzance Vintage Pure: 18”

Byzance Traditional: 16”, 18”

Meinl Byzance Trash Crashes are available now, for more information, head over to Meinl's website. 

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