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Meet Orba, a $99 synthesizer, looper and MIDI controller that fits in the palm of your hand

Artiphon Orba
(Image credit: Artiphon)

Nashville-based Artiphon has just launched a portable all-in-one synth, MIDI controller and looper on Kickstarter (opens in new tab), and it will set you back just $99. Not only that, but Orba should also fit into the palm of your hand for some serious on-the-go music production.

The company, which is known for creating the Instrument 1, says that the design of Orba will translate gestures from your fingers and hands directly into music with the aid of “feather-touch sensitivity”.

Orba features eight touch-sensitive, LED-lit pads that will respond to a variety of gestures, including tapping, sliding, vibrato, shaking, tilting and waving. You can utilise these gestures in the Drum, Bass, Chord, and Lead modes. With the onboard looper, you should be able to create songs and musical ideas in seconds, according to Artiphon. 

Orba can be used as a fully standalone synth with the built-in speaker, or you can connect the unit wirelessly to iOS and Android devices, or Mac/Windows desktops and laptops, via Bluetooth.

You can share your musical creations directly to social media or with a host of DAWs including GarageBand, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, and FL Studio. 

The crowdfunding campaign for Orba is available on Kickstarter (opens in new tab) now.

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