Mattoverse Electronics’ Warble Swell Echo MkII makes “lo-fi echo exploration” easy with 8 selectable waveforms

Mattoverse Electronics Warp Swell Echo MKII
(Image credit: Mattoverse Electronics)

Mattoverse Electronics has released an updated version of its Warble Swell Echo modulated echo and delay pedal, with the new MKII arriving in a more compact housing that offers a more comprehensive array of controls over the effects.

We might all know and love Mattoverse Electronics for maintaining a sense of humour when designing and building guitar effects pedals. This is the brand who promised to make your guitar sound like “absolute garbage” with its AirTrash fuzz pedal, the one that made a drive pedal powered by solar panel. 

But there are practical considerations, too. What are fuzz pedals if not to trash your electric guitar tone when the occasion calls for it? And when its solar power is draining of its charge, the aforementioned Solar Sound – nice pun – spits out some choked sounds, and so long as there is a light supply on hand, that’s one outlet freed up on your pedalboard power supply.

The Warble Swell Echo MKII is similarly practical. Sadly, we loose the arcade style button on the front but, now with seven dials joining the bypass and swell footswitches, everything you need to access weird and wacky or quotidian tape echo emulation sounds is right there in front of you.

Described as a lo-fi echo exploration machine, it now houses the eight-way modulation waveform selector rotary on the front of the pedal, with controls for Rate, Depth, Mix, Repeats, Time and Swell.

These will take you from “silky smooth slapback and seasick swells, to the static filled wobble of a broken cassette tape and everything in between,” says Mattoverse.

And while that arcade-game button looked cool, the MKII strikes the balance between being really useful and big fun, with that Swell footswitch sure to give the effect a performance-friendly appeal. The Warble Swell Echo MKII is available now in Pink Matte or Black Texture and is priced $219. See Mattoverse Electronics for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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