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Matt Heafy released a double guitar strap and the internet is freaking out about it

(Image credit: Mark Horton/Getty Images)

Trivium are one of contemporary metal’s leading purveyors of heavy riffs, and frontman Matt Heafy also wields one of the heaviest electric guitars with his signature Les Paul Custom - and now he’s set out to alleviate the weight with a new double guitar strap… but some guitarists aren’t happy about the idea.

Heafy collaborated with German firm Richter Straps on the design, which boasts an additional strap for the other shoulder that wraps around the guitar’s body, allowing players to spread the weight of their instrument.

“Guitar straps are not ergonomic,” says Heafy. “The concept of a weight on one side of a trapezius/ shoulder joint for an entire musical lifetime is detrimental to the balance of your body.”

Yet when the frontman shared the strap on Instagram, he was met with a barrage of negativity, with some commentators branding it “the uncoolest thing to wear while playing metal”, and others pointing out that he should ditch the Les Pauls and switch to a lighter guitar.

“I’ve never seen so many salty comments about a strap that helps your shoulder,” Heafy responded. “People must hate their left shoulder. What did your shoulder ever do to you?”

Some fans were more open to the idea, however, with one stating, “This is no joke. I'm pretty sure my shoulder instability problem in my left shoulder is from playing guitar.”

Admittedly, it probably didn’t help that Heafy posted the strap on 1 April, but the logic behind the idea is sound.

Matt Heafy’s double guitar strap is available now from Richter Straps, starting at €159 (approx $178/£135).

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