Mark Hoppus teams up with Reverb to sell his Blink-182 and +44 gear, with some serious backline firepower up for grabs

Mark Hoppus
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Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus is selling off a trove of guitar amplifiers, drum machines and more in his second partnership with the online music retailer Reverb.

Going live on Wednesday 21 April, the official Mark Hoppus Reverb store offers you the chance to get your hands on a number of items used by Hoppus on tour and in the studio, including a Bogner Uberschall amp head and matching 4x12 cabinet that “cuts through like a werewolf.“

For guitar players, the Bogner is an obvious highlight. Nowadays we are more used to seeing the Uberschall pedal than the original 120-watt, two-channel fire-breather, and with a matching cab, that's certainly a setup that will move some air about the room. Hoppus would concur.

“If you want a dope heavy guitar sound, the Bogner Uberschall is amazing,” says Hoppus. Besides its werewolf presence in a band mix, Hoppus says ”has a beautiful clean channel, and its distorted channel is all kinds of hell unleashed on the world.” 

That, after all, is often what we want from a guitar amplifier. But if you are buying from Hoppus, you've got options. He is also selling a Marshall JTM45 amp head with a 4x12 cabinet, and this one has seen some road miles on it with Blink-182, +44 and Motion City Soundtrack. Motion City Soundtrack. “It’s a great guitar amplifier,” said Hoppus. We would concur.

Or maybe his Orange OR120 head and matching cab might be more your speed. This master-volume-equipped head was found all over the +44 album. “Basically the main lead guitar tone across the entire +44 album is this amp and cabinet set up,” explains Hoppus. 

Elsewhere, Hoppus is selling a Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S8-DJ control deck,  and sE studio filters that would come in handy when recording in small spaces and needing some separation when tracking vocals.

This is Hoppus' second Reverb partnership, and it comes just weeks after his fellow Blink-182 alum Tom Delonge sold a heap of rackmounted guitar amps and effects pedals – including a very cool Fulltone Full-Drive2 Mosfet overdrive pedal.

Check out the Official Mark Hoppus of blink-182 Reverb Shop here and sign up for more product updates when it goes live.

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