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Make a Statement with Softube’s simple new EDM plugin lead synth

Softube Statement Lead
(Image credit: Softube)

Designed to complement its Monoment Bass plugin, Softube’s new Statement Lead synth puts the focus on creating EDM, D&B and house lead sounds, and all with the minimum of production fuss.

Although it’s designed to be beginner-friendly, Softube assures us that Statement’s sounds are based on carefully recorded and processed sounds from “rare and expensive” hardware synths, putting them at a high standard, and there are drive, reverb, delay, multiband compression and spatialisation effects, too.

Of course, an instrument like this needs a decent selection of presets, and we’re assured that there are no fillers among the 150-plus that you’ll find here. Use them as they come or as starting points for further tweaking.

Find out more on the Softube website. Statement Lead has a regular price of $99, but you can purchase it for $89 until 1 October.

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