Looking for a MIDI guitar with a built-in NES-style chiptune synth? You might want to give Love Hultén a call

We’ve seen plenty of synths from Love Hultén, the man for whom customising existing hardware is a way of life, but for his latest trick, he’s created a MIDI-equipped guitar. As you’d expect, though, that’s only a small part of the story.

Built around the YouRock MIDI guitar, this as-yet-unnamed creation was crafted for musician Catbeats, and it’s got a spec sheet we’re pretty sure you won’t find anywhere else.

Love Hulten NES MIDI guitar

(Image credit: Love Hultén)

As well as being able to output MIDI, the guitar (which has a removable neck to make it easy to transport) also contains a built-in NESpoly synth, meaning that it’s capable of creating its own chiptune-style sounds as well. There are various tone-shaping controls, plus a detachable dome so that the cat avatar beneath can be replaced as and when required. An essential feature, we think you’ll agree.

Throw in “a custom strap made from extraterrestrial skin” and you’ve got something that’s possibly bonkers but also strangely alluring, particularly after you’ve heard it being played. If you fancy one, you can drop Love Hultén a line via his website.

Love Hulten NES MIDI guitar

(Image credit: Love Hultén)
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