Leveling your guitar frets yourself might have just got a whole lot easier thanks to MusicNomad

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MusicNomad's wide range of guitar tools are not just for pro techs – they can help empower all of us players to maintain our gear more confidently. We've already seen how the US company's new Tri-Beams straight edge can diagnose problems with fret height for acoustic and electric guitars that can cause buzz and choked notes, now it's followed it with three sizes of Leveling L-Beam for getting those high frets in check.

The 7", 17.6" and 24" length options each come with three adhesive-backed 3MTM StikitTM Gold Abrasive strips; two in P240 grit and one P400 grit. The L-Beam features a curved handle and thicker walls to allow the weight of the leveller to do the work for you as you guide it, and radius bevelled edges help to reduce the risk of hitting and damaging high frets before they can be filed down.

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Fretwork is usually a job for pro repairers and the frets will need to be crowned back to optimum shape with filing after leveling, but the L-Beam offers techs and anyone confident in tackling the first part themselves more peace of mind with an accuracy tolerance of +/-.00125" per foot.

"We worked closely with a handful of high-volume repair shops to design and test the L-Beams," says Rand Rognlien, founder of MusicNomad. "They all appreciated the unique curved handle design giving them better control and comfort when leveling.”

The $34.99 7" (18cm) L-Beam smaller size is for optimum controllability in spot leveling frets, and for physically smaller instruments like mandolins and ukuleles, after you've diagnosed issues.

The $54.99 17.6" (45cm) L-Beam is a longer size than the usual 16" length found in other designs, and offers you the opportunity to level all the frets at the same time.

The largest 24" (61cm) L-Beam is designed for Bass Guitars and is $74.99.

For more info, visit MusicNomad.  

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