Does your guitar have fret issues? The unique new Tri-Beams straight edge from Music Nomad can help you find out

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NAMM 2023: Your frets are bussing when you play… is it the truss rod? Is it the strings themselves? Once you've ruled those two out and the buzzing continues on specific frets, it's likely to be an issue with their height. Levelling is needed but confirming the culprits needs the right tool – that's where MusicNomad has you covered with its new Tri-Beams notched straightedge.

The US brand is frequently the choice of pro techs for a reason – high quality and reliability are its calling cards. The patent pending premium quality aluminum Tri-Beams is no different and aims to make fret and fingerboard level diagnosis easier than ever with a unique three-wall triangle design. 

MusicNomad Tri Beams

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The Tri-Beams design gives you three critical lengths 17.6" (44.7cm), 12" (30.5cm), 6.5" (16.5cm) to "isolate and identify global or localised fret and fingerboard issues up and down the neck." In addition to SAE and Metric ruler markings there are 13 of the most popular guitar and bass fret scale lengths so players can quickly check the scale length they are working on.

The blue anodised aluminum the Tri Beams is made with is highly durable with three ultra-precise surfaces designed for checking fret height electric and acoustic fingerboards.

"For over a year, we worked closely with a handful of high-volume repair shops to design and test them," says Rand Rognlien, CEO of MusicNomad." They all appreciated the unique 3 wall precision and accuracy design with the bonus features etched into the beams like the fret scale lengths you will find on the Tri-Beam 3 'n 1 Straight Edge MN820."

The two Tri-Beams models can be used on guitars with or without strings fitted  and are available now in the following iterations:

Tri-Beam 3 'n 1 Straight Edge (MN820) - $34.99

Tri-Beam 3 'n 1 Dual Notched & Straight Edge (MN821) - $39.99

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