LANDR launches Mastering Plugin, bringing its AI-powered auto-mastering into the DAW for the first time

landr mastering plugin
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LANDR has announced the release of a new plugin that brings the AI-powered automated mastering technology from its online mastering platform to the DAW for the first time.

LANDR tells us that its Mastering Plugin is based on a patented AI engine that's supported by over a decade of R&D and has been trained by Grammy-winning audio engineers. 

Much like LANDR's browser-based mastering platform, the plugin will analyse any track and adapt its engine to the track's sonic characteristics, delivering a personalized master that LANDR says is equal in quality to something you'd receive from a professional engineer. 

Mastering a track with the LANDR Mastering Plugin is as easy as loading the plugin on your master bus, letting the plugin scan the loudest part of your track, and selecting one of three styles to determine the sonic vibe of your master. You can choose between Warmth, a vintage-sounding master, Balanced, a controlled master with a focus on clarity and depth, and Open, a modern-sounding master with an emphasis on punch and presence.

Those wanting a little more control over their master are able to fine-tune the results with a three-band equalizer and see the results via the spectral display. You're also able to dial in additional vocal presence with the presence control, tweak loudness with reference to the LUFS meter, or increase the width and spatialisation of your mix with a stereo width slider.

Compression controls let you adjust dynamics while a saturation dial adds thickening, transformer-style harmonics and an onboard de-esser can be dialled in to remove unwanted sibilance. All of these controls will affect the master in real-time so that adjustments can be made on-the-fly.

We haven't yet had the chance to put LANDR's Mastering Plugin through its paces, but we'll be testing the plugin and giving our verdict in a review over the coming weeks. 

LANDR Mastering Plugin is available now for Windows and Mac in VST3/AU/AAX formats. It's priced at $299 or can be accessed via LANDR's Studio Pro subscription at $15.99/mo. 

Find out more on LANDR's website.

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