This is the most impressive Kurt Cobain guitar gear collection we've ever seen

Kurt Cobain
(Image credit: NirvanaGuitars / YouTube)

If you were one of many impressionable youths who were inspired at a key age by the sounds and sights of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, this is going to be an essential guitar viewing. YouTuber Eric, aka NirvanaGuitars, is not messing around here; he's gone all out with his Cobain tribute collection; from guitars to pedals – the Bleach, Nevermind and In Utero eras are covered.

From the more obscure Ibanez Black Eagle to the record-breaking Competition Stripe Mustang we covered again recently for a very different reason, and even a Roseland-spec Jagstang tribute, this is both an education in Kurt's modded gear (this stuff gets more detailed than many would imagine) and a showcase of true guitar and Nirvana fan passion. 

Eric even has a pedal just to play the band's b-side Curmudgeon! But his collection is far from done – as he explains in the video above. Check out more of NirvanaGuitars excellent videos (including song tone lessons) at his YouTube channel and Instagram.

Now, excuse us as we're off to build a Nirvana pedalboard and work out how we could create a Sky-Stang

Rob Laing
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