KMA Machines’ ursine debut stompbox is rehoused and refreshed as the Fuzzly Bear 2

KMA Machines has unveiled a new and improved version of its Fuzzly Bear silicon fuzz pedal, rehousing the beast in a smaller enclosure, with top-mounted jacks to preserve pedalboard space.

The unit has been upgraded with silent relay switching and improved electronics, but ostensibly provides the same range of tones. Inspired by the cult Jordan Boss Tone, the Fuzzly Bear added bias control and solved the circuit riddle of the original’s weak low-end response. 

The result was a beefed up fuzz pedal that could offer thick yet articulate overdrive with the Gain knob fully counterclockwise. with that drive turning good and fuzzy, with rich and aggressive tones along the way towards a pseudo-octave effect when dimed – a “trumpety kinda vibe” for old-school adventures in fuzz.

The Fuzzly Bear 2 also has Volume and Skin/Meat bias controls, the latter on hand to help dial in the right amount of aggression to go with that gain. 

A Skin/Meat control might not enter common parlance when talking fuzz pedals, but it is a graphic and effective way of thinking about how this control operates, with lower ‘Skin’ side offering sharp drive tones, ‘Meat’ delivering something more visceral and, well, meaty. Just what a hungry bear needs.

What this hungry bear requires is a 9V DC and 35mA of current, and £149 / $199 to secure its services. For more details, head over to KMA Machines

The Fuzzly Bear 2 is the latest pedal to be revised by KMA Machines. Only last month the prolific pedal company's HM-2-style distortion pedal, the Wurm, returned with expanded EQ options and a revised enclosure.


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