Kemper updates the Profiler with 5 new "studio-grade" reverbs

Kemper has announced the immediate release of five all-new reverbs for its acclaimed Profiling amp.

OS 5.7, which you can grab now, adds Spring, Natural, Echo, Cirrus and Space reverbs to the Profiler's already-extensive sonic arsenal. Handily, you can hear the effects demoed in the videos above and below.

The Spring Reverb is directly inspired by the legendary Reverb Tank from 1963, and its sound is defined by its lack of low frequencies, thanks to a steep low cut filter, and its renowned 'drip' effect, resembling "water dripping in a cave". 

The Natural Reverb is a more utilitarian affair, aimed at recreating a range of rooms, as well as plate reverb and synth-like effects.

Echo, meanwhile, is simply a delay plus reverb, and should be ideal for situations where a straight delay is too direct, while Cirrus specialises in long, ethereal tails with exceptionally slow reverb onsets. 

Finally, the Space effect is identical to the global version of Space in the Output Section, and produces the natural reflections of a small, neutral-sounding room. The algorithm is designed to be the shortest possible room effect and therefore has no deep parameters, instead using the Intensity parameter to control the strength of the effect. 

Kemper has also helpfully added Legacy Reverb, a utility throwback based on the very first reverb algorithm originally created for the Profiler. Its main purpose here is solely to maintain full backward compatibility with rigs created before this OS update.

For more details and to download the update, head over to Kemper Amps.


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