Kemper unleashes free Ton(e)hammer Rig Pack

Kemper GmbH, German manufacturer of the groundbreaking Kemper profiling amp has released, for free, a pack of 50 profiles produced by Ton(e)hammer.

Following the emergence of amp emulation tech, Ton(e)Hammer was the first independent profile production house to emerge, founded by Lars Lüttge (Deadlight Studio) and Frank Kölbl, and has quickly become known for refreshingly aggressive Metal and Rock profiles. Their profiles have been used by many heavier acts, such as Katatonia, Eskimo Callboy, Benighted, and Any given Day.

The newly released free pack features profiles of sought-after rigs, all featuring independently captured amp and cabinets, thus allowing you to layer and swap cabs to your demonic heart's content.

There are 50 rig profiles in all, including the following, fully emulated amps:

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier - 1992 Rev F
Diezel Hagen
Diezel VH4 EL34
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo Head
Diezel Herbert Mk1 EL34
Engl Extreme Agression
EVH 5150III 50 Watt
Marshall JCM800 KK
Laney Ironheart 60
Marshall DSL100H
Peavey 6534+
PRS Archon 100
Marshall MR2555X Silver Jubilee Reissue
Soldano Hot Rod 50+
Suhr Badger 35
Engl Invader 150 EL34
Marshall JCM800 2205
Marshall JVM410
Laboga Mr. Hector MK2
Peavey Triple XXX
Orange Rockerverb 50 MK3
Randall V2
Randall Diavlo RD45
Mesa Royal Atlantic RA-100
Marshall AFD100 Slash Signature

For more info and to grab the pack, head over to Kemper's download centre.


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