Jordan Rudess takes you on a tour of his 2019 Dream Theater live keyboard rig

He may be getting his guitar chops in order on his new solo album, but Jordan Rudess’s day job remains being the keyboard player in Dream Theater, who are currently on tour.

Our colleagues at Keyboard Magazine caught up with the synth wizard prior to a recent show, and Jordan was good enough to take them on a tour of his 2019 rig.

The centrepiece is a Korg Kronos, which is often split so that multiple sounds can be triggered at once, and this sits atop a rotating, tilting stand. In the video, Jordan also discusses his pedal setup and his two iPad Pros: one for displaying sheet music via forScore, and the other for playing leads on Jordan’s own GeoShred app.

You’ll also note the presence of a Haken ContinuuMini, while a second keyboard stand supports a Hammond XK-5 organ. And, most importantly of all, Jordan has his own personal cup holder.

Check out the video to find out more about all of the above and the rack that the audio from the entire rig is sent to.

Ben Rogerson

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