John Petrucci's guitar tech offers setup tips for players in this video tutorial

Maddi Schieferstein is one of the top guitar techs out there – he was even a bass and keyboard tech for Dream Theater at one point until he went full-time with John Petrucci. In this video with Kris Barocsi for Thomann Guitars & Basses he talks us through the process of setting up one of John's Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty guitars with a bird's eye view for us over the guitar bench. 

There's plenty of tips here that all guitar players can benefit from with the insight from decades of experience Maddi has; better methods for changing and stretching strings, working with locking tuners and tremolos; truss rod, bridge and saddle adjustment and intonation. Everything that will get your electric guitar playing and sounding better. 

John Petrucci

(Image credit: Olly Curtis/Future)

There's essential tips here, as well as some great stories from studio sessions with Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment. Maddi is currently in the studio with the former band as they approach the final stages of recording a new album that will see Petrucci recording with a signature Music Man Majesty eight-string model for the first time. 

Check out the Thomann Guitars & Basses YouTube channel for more great videos. 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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