Joe Satriani, Metallica, KISS and more donate signed guitars to help raise money for Jason Becker's medical expenses

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Artists from across the world of rock, shred and metal have joined forces to donate signed electric guitars to help raise funds for shred titan Jason Becker's medical expenses. 

Becker, who has been living with ALS for 30 years, is recovering from a major health scare, and musicians, led by DragonForce's Herman Li, have signed a number of rare instruments to be sold through the The Official Jason Becker Reverb Shop as part of the #ShredforJasonBecker fundraising initiative.

The likes of Metallica, KISS, Arch Enemy, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Neal Schon have all donated guitars. Of the five listings currently online, with more to follow, Joe Satriani's Ibanez "Flame" JS1000 is leading the way, priced at £59,100. Satch has played the custom finish S-style onstage and in the studio. 

Bearing the serial number #A790116, the JS1000 was most famously played during the 2004 G3 tour. Its unique finish was created by Nicholas Del Drago of Vicious Cycles and features a blue flame design, "with light blue pinstriping, over a vibrant red and gold honeycomb pattern on the front." The back of the instrument bears a graphic of Satch's "Silver Surfer."

Other listings include a BC Rich signed by Zoltan Bathory of Five Finger Death Punch, Jeff Loomis' signature Pro Series Jackson Kelly, a PRS SE Mark Tremonti, and Nili Brosh's stage-played and signed Ibanez seven-string.

Coming soon, however, will be an Ibanez Destroyer, signed by KISS' Paul Stanley, plus a pair of Jason Becker's signature Keisels, signed by the likes of Steve Vai, Tosin Abasi, Nili Brosh, Herman Li, Alex Lee, Albert Lee, Neal Schon, Sammy Hagar, Chris Broderick and all of Metallica.

Check out The Official Jason Becker Reverb Shop for more details.


Kirk Hammett with the Triumphant Friends 2 guitar (right) and the Metallica-signed Yin Yang Kiesel on the left. (Image credit:
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