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Jimmy Page’s iconic Stairway To Heaven guitar to go on display

As the New York Met prepares to host a mammoth guitar exhibit, Jimmy Page has revealed he has loaned out the Harmony acoustic guitar with which he recorded Led Zeppelin classic Stairway To Heaven.

The exhibition, titled Play It Loud: Instruments Of Rock And Roll, also features Page’s Danelectro 3021, as well as a number of his Marshall amps, as you can see below.

“I’ve loaned my Harmony guitar, which was a six-string acoustic. That guitar I had way back in the early ’60s, and it was with me all the way through to the point that I used it as a writing tool,” Page told the Associated Press.

“That particular guitar is the vehicle whereby the first Led Zeppelin album was written, the second album was written, the third album was written, and the fourth album. It's the guitar that actually culminates in playing Stairway To Heaven.”

Besides Page’s gear, 130 legendary instruments will be on show, including Eric Clapton’s Blackie, Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstein and Jerry Garcia’s Wolf, plus Keith Emerson’s Moog synthesizer and Hammond organ, and Keith Moon’s Pictures Of Lily drum set.

The exhibition begins on 8 April and runs until 1 October. For more information, head over to The Met.

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