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Jimi Hendrix’s Fuzz Face is going up for auction

A Jimi Hendrix-owned Arbiter Fuzz Face is set to go under the hammer, in an auction of property from the estate of Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell.

The pedal was made in 1967 and clearly saw a fair amount of use, although the exact recordings and gigs this particular model featured on are yet to be verified.

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(Image credit: Joby Sessions/Future)

The history of the Fuzz Face

Nonetheless, it’s expected to fetch $8,000-$10,000 when it goes up for sale at Julian’s Auctions on 4 November.

A host of Mitch Mitchell’s drum gear is also being showcased - take a look at our gallery.

This isn’t the first Hendrix pedal to face the auctioneer’s hammer, of course; early this year, Jimi’s Woodstock wah was also auctioned off.

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