Jim Root is planning a solo project in his Slipknot downtime

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Slipknot might be off the road right now but it's all go in the world of their #4 aka Jim Root. His latest signature Fender Jazzmaster has just been released and it's a real bobby-dazzler, but now he's putting his mind to a future project – the first solo release from a Slipknot guitarist.

“I’ve had a lot of people ask me about doing a solo project," Root told Loudwire in a new interview. "I think now I have a little bit of extra time to dedicate to that, so I’ve been writing some stuff that maybe wouldn’t slide into the Slipknot world.

“I would like to [start a solo project] just because I need to stay busy," Root added. "You know, I didn’t start a family, I never got married, I didn’t do any of that stuff. I know Corey wants to do a solo project that’s outside of Stone Sour; he’s mentioned that.

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“For a solo project, I’m gonna overthink that until I’m insane and it may never ever come out,” he joked. “What direction do I go? Do I even think about a direction? Do I just let it naturally come out? Do I use things that I’ve written intended for Slipknot that maybe Slipknot didn't gravitate towards?

“Obviously, Slipknot is my priority and it’s what I’m always gonna have as a priority … With all the arrangements I’ve written for the last couple of Slipknot records, I don’t know that I need another outlet, but I’m going to try. Set a goal, maybe see if I can achieve it.”

We look forward to hearing the results of that. 

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