JHS Pedals founder Josh Scott reveals what's on his pedalboard

(Image credit: Sweetwater / YouTube)

One thing we really appreciate with JHS Effects founder Josh Scott is that he not only champions other effects brands on the company YouTube channel, he isn't averse to offering praise to affordable pedals – even Behringer. But what does he choose for his own pedalboard? Well now we can see…

Scott recently appeared on Sweetwater's What's On Your Pedalboard series to talk through his current choices, and demo them too. 

Alongside a KTR (Scott also owns Klons including a particularly valuable one) there's a TC Electronic Flashback X4 delay pedal, Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork Polyphonic Pitch Shifter, Earthquaker Devices Despatch Master delay / reverb pedal and a Boss CE-2 Chorus, as well as JHS pedals including a Morning Glory overdrive and 1966 Special Bender fuzz. 

Check it all out in the video above. 

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