Watch Jack White unleash the fuzz on the monster-grooving title-track from new album Fear Of The Dawn

Jack White has shared the title track from his forthcoming album, Fear Of The Dawn, and it is one that’ll work gangbusters for those who enjoy White best when he is running an electric guitar through an unhealthy amount of fuzz.

Of the tracks shared so far, Fear Of The Dawn is by far the heaviest, animated by a Velcro-mammoth riff and a caffeinated neanderthal groove. 

It’s a toe-tapper, no question. And when it comes time for a solo, White does not disappoint, lifting the cake dish off the wah pedal for that sort of liquid squawk lead guitar tone that complements such unruly rock compositions.

But what about that for the super cool Fender Telecaster that White is playing in the video? That looks very much like a variation on the Three-Wheel-Motion modified Nashville Tele that he has been playing for a couple of years now. 

The original version was spec’d up with Chip Ellis from the Fender Custom Shop, augmenting a Nashville Tele with B-bender with a Lace Sensor single-coil at the bridge, a P-90 in the middle position, and the humbucker from a Thinline Tele at the neck. Finished in Low Rider Metallic Orange, it was used heavily the last time the Raconteurs hit the road.

This one, however, looks like it has borrowed its finish from the J. Mascis Signature Telecaster – and applied to to the matching headstock. The spec here looks different, too, with the B Bender perhaps replaced and what looks like a Fender-branded Bigsby B5 vibrato and three-saddle bridge.

Also, the bridge’s single-coil is swapped out with the guitar rerouted to accommodate a blade-style humbucker. The kill-switch and banjo-style arm-rest found on the orange Low Rider model looks like they have been removed, too.

We get a better look at this sparkle blue Telecaster in the live video for Taking Me Back.

Jack White releases Fear Of The Dawn on 8 April 2022, with Entering Heaven Alive following on 22 July. Fear Of The Dawn can be preordered here.

Jonathan Horsley

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