"I’ve never heard him play quite like that" – The Dandy Warhols call in Slash, his wah and some AI for new song and video, I’d Like To Help You With Your Problem

The Dandy Worhols and Slash
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The Dandy Warhols knew who to call for their doomy new song I’d Like To Help You With Your Problem; the wahlord Slash

He's nowhere to be seen in the song's video, but then neither is the band. Instead there's a boatload of AI-generated footage is and a blurry band performing on a beach who are not The Dandy Worhols. 

Musically it's a a markedly heavier direction for the band, best known for 2000 hit Bohemian Like You, but perhaps fitting for the title of their forthcoming 12th album Rockmaker – due on 15 March via Sunset Blvd Records.

The song has a real Vietnam-era acid rock sound

“The first time we heard it back in our studio we just stared at each other with our mouths open,” says frontman / guitarist Courtney Taylor-Taylor regarding Slash's work on the track. “What he played on the track is amazing. I’ve never heard him play quite like that, but what is so fascinating to me is that it is clearly him playing. As recognizable as a familiar human voice.

“The song has a real Vietnam-era acid rock sound,” Taylor-Taylor added. “We wanted that kind of guitar playing on it, but we don’t have anyone in the band who can do it. Once we began discussing it, it became apparent that there wasn’t really anyone else whose hands we could put it in, so thus the Hail Mary to try and get Slash to play on it.”

The track continues the band's current penchant for star guest appearances – previous, fuzz-soaked single Danzig With Myself features Pixies man Frank Black on 'surf guitar'. 

Rockmaker will also feature British DJ and producer Keith Tenniswood (David Holmes, Primal Scream) of Two Lone Swordsmen who mastered the record and the mixing work of British producer Jagz Kooner (Massive Attack, Kasabian, Garbage).

More info at dandywarhols.com

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