It looks like John Mayer is roadtesting a new PRS SE Silver Sky guitar with a maple fretboard

PRS SE Silver Sky with maple neck
(Image credit: John Mayer / Instagram )

With NAMM 2023 fast approaching, has John Mayer just unveiled the latest iteration of his Silver Sky signature guitar by using it onstage during his current US solo tour? The evidence is pretty compelling that a PRS SE Silver Sky with a maple fretboard is coming. Just like it did with the US version. 

Exhibit A is Mayer's own Instagram – he posted photos taken of him onstage in St Paul, Minnesota on 1 April (that also saw him debut a brand new song he's working on with In The Neighbourhood). And one, in particular, drew our beady eye; there on a stand in a photo of Mayer playing piano is what looks to be a PRS SE Silver Sky with a maple fingerboard. It looks like a new finish too. 

The song Mayer plays is Changing – which sees him switch from piano to electric guitar. And so it was in St Paul with Mayer picking up the new SE. 

So while this roadtesting is going on in US arenas, we just have to wait for an official announcement. 

In the meantime, here's that brand new work-in-progress song… 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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