Is the compressor pedal the most underrated guitar effect? Rick Beato's new video explains all about compression

Even if you don't think your compressor pedal is the most underrated effect on your pedalboard (if you even have one on there), it's probably the most misunderstood when it comes to electric guitar. So we're very pleased to see producer and YouTuber Rick Beato explaining what it does and how you can get the best from it as an effects pedal, with your DAW for recording.

The Secret Sauce Of Compression is a title that gives away how Beato is approaching things – and it really can be a secret weapon. But you need to understand what its potential is first, and when you might want, and not want, to use it. 

With the help of guitarist Rhett Shull this is another essential watch from Mr Beato that all guitarists should watch. 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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