Is that a guitar stand in your pocket? Yes, it is, actually

Carrying a guitar around with you is one thing, but you don’t really want the extra weight and bulk of an industrial-style guitar stand to deal with as well. So, Ruach Music has created a foldaway, hardwood stand that will fit right in your back pocket, all ready to be flipped open whenever you need it.

When folded up, the Pocket Guitar Stand resembles some kind of hipster stapler, but it easily opens up to provide a secure stand-up base for your electric or acoustic guitar. There are heavy-duty dots for support, stainless steel hinges, and non-slip rubber feet to protect the base.

The Pocket Guitar Stand is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, with a £45 pledge potentially getting you a mahogany model in August. There’s also a premium walnut version, available for a £50 pledge. Various other Ruach Music products are being pitched, too.

Ruach Music Pocket Guitar Stand

(Image credit: Ruach Music)
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