IK Multimedia’s new T-RackS plugin emulates four classic Tascam tape machines, including the bestselling 1984 PortaStudio

IK Multimedia has unveiled the T-RackS Tascam Tape Collection, a collection of mixing and mastering plugins that emulates four classic Tascam tape machines.

Developed in collaboration with Tascam, this is designed to impart some analogue flavour into your digital productions.

The collection kicks off with two machines from Teac, Tascam’s parent company, starting with the A-6100 MKII. This is a mastering recorder from 1973 that’s still in demand thanks to the sonic warmth and colour that it can provide.

The A-3340S, meanwhile - another early ‘70s machine - was used by countless bands to record not just demos, but even complete albums.

Switching forward a decade, we have the Tascam 388 - a combined 8-channel mixing console and 8-track tape machine in one that was released in 1985. Again, this is famed for its warm and characterful sound.

Finally, there’s the Tascam Porta One Ministudio: this 1984 machine ended up becoming Tascam’s best selling PortaStudio, and helped to bring home recording to the masses. It remains popular thanks to its lo-fi sound, and is used both for sonic experimentation and performance.

Each of the four machines has input and output level controls, selectable input and reproduction audio paths, and the option to choose your tape formulation (each offers its own sonic character). There’s also an alignment section that enables you to experiment with different bias levels, recording levels to tape and recording and playback EQs.

There are also a couple of features from IK’s Tape Machine Collection; the Transport Modelling function, which reproduces the small inaccuracies of the tape position in front of the head for extra realism; and True Stereo operation, which recreates the stereo image effect produced by the subtle differences between the left and right channels.

The T-RackS Tascam Tape Collection can work either as a standalone VST/AU/AAX plugin or inside the T-RackS 5 shell. It’s available now for the introductory price of $130/€130 (regular price will be $200/€200), while each machine can also be purchased separately for $80/€80 (regular price $100/€100).

Find out more on the IK Multimedia website.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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