If you’re into nostalgic sound design techniques, then the Berna 2 modular soft synth could be for you

There was a time when electroacoustic music was the stuff of radio laboratories and not accessible to us mere mortals. The electronic music studio of the ‘50s was huge and, undoubtedly, impenetrable for some.

If the idea of this in a more accessible format excites you, then you may want to check out the Berna 2 soft synth from sound artist Giorgio Sancristoforo.

The software has been designed as an accurate representation of the same workflow and challenges that faced the sound designers and audio engineers of over 70 years ago.

Featuring a selection of oscillators, filters, modulators, mixers and tape machines, Berna 2 is most certainly going to get those musique concrète, serial- and tape-music juices flowing.

Version 2.3 of Berna is available now in standalone format (Mac/PC) for just €12. More details can be found on Giorgio’s website.

New features in Berna 2

  • Comparator module
  • 18 band 1/3 octave filter bank
  • 18 band vocoder
  • Tone burst generator
  • 2 dynamic modulators
  • Reverb
  • Frequency shifter (with modulator input)
  • FM oscillator (with modulator input)
  • 8 complex oscillators
Simon Arblaster
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