Hudson Electronics updates Ariel Posen’s signature Broadcast preamp pedal with added germanium for “subtle boosts through to heavily-distorted sounds”

Hudson Electronics Broadcast AP-II
(Image credit: Hudson Electronics)

Hudson Electronics has released a newly updated version of its Ariel Posen signature pedal. The Broadcast AP-II has the same two-channel setup but expands upon the original with an effects loop inserted between both preamp circuits, and a newly voiced channel with germanium transistors.

As with the original, this is designed to be something of a one-stop-shop when it comes to tone-shaping and gain, the kind of pedal that never leaves your pedalboard, acting as your boost and overdrive pedal all in one. But with the added effects loop and the revoiced preamp channels, the Broadcast AP-II looks even more versatile.

Those two preamp circuits are fully independent of each other, wholly complementary. As per the original AP you’ve got one that pairs silicon transistors with a transformer, with the other removing the transformer and runs off germanium for a totally different tone. 

You will find the silicon and transformer channel to have a darker, smoother tone, with more aggressive sounds, more treble on the germanium side. There is a lot of tone to explore here, and no shortage of gain when you combine both preamp voices together.

“Each circuit has a large gain range, and cascading one into the other provides further sonic options, from subtle boosts through to heavily-distorted sounds,” says Hudson Electronics.

Best of all this pedal is easy to get to grips with, with each preamp channel clearly noted, germanium on the left, silicon to the right, the latter with grey knobs, the former with red, and there is an independent footswitch to engage/bypass them on command. Each channel has dials for Drive and Level. All your connections are positioned on the top of the pedal. 

The only really fancy part of the pedal is deciding how you wish to use the dual send and return effects loop, taking the opportunity to stack your dirt and fuzz pedals or take control over your signal path as though these were two pedals in one unit. There are also four internal trim pots if that’s the sort of thing you’re into, allowing players to fine-tune the gain and low-end response of each channel.

The Broadcast AP-II runs from 9V to 24V DC from a pedalboard power supply, drawing a maximum current of 50mA. And you can order it now, priced £269. See Hudson Electronics for more details and pics.

Jonathan Horsley

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