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How low can your guitar go? The OPFXS Dig Deep pedal is a bassist emulator

Any four-stringers out there better watch out! We've seen a few different approaches by musicians to the challenge of covering the roles of guitarist and bassist in one – including Jamie Lenman's unusual approach with a Submarine pickup and Electro-Harmonix POG pedal – but the OPFXS Dig Deep might be the best we've heard yet.

The Italian company is pitching its octave pedal as a way to fatten up your solos or emulate the presence of a bass guitar. And it promises to be able to track complex chords and arpeggios too. 

(Image credit: OPFXS)

The video above shows the Dig Deep in action and it's undoubtedly impressive. The pedal has a simple layout too; a clean (dry signal) and depth (lower octave) control. 

It's available now from OPFXS for €150.