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Make 1 guitar sound like 3 with the Submarine Pro pickup

You may remember the original Submarine split pickup from a couple of years back; now it’s back as the Submarine Pro, and promises to be better than ever.

The Submarine Pro can isolate sound from individual strings - so that means you can drop bass strings an octave, add modulation to upper strings or pan them elsewhere, all without modifying your guitar in any way.

In its Pro incarnation, the Submarine is slimmer and boasts an internal switching system to allow any combination of strings to be routed to a stereo jack output. Used in conjunction with your existing pickups, that makes for three signals, all outputted at once.

It’s compatible with most electric or acoustic guitars, too, thanks to its nifty height-adjustable micro suction pads.

The Submarine Pro is seeking funding on Crowdfunder and currently offering 50% off, which means an investment of £99 will secure you your own Sub.

If the Pro is a success, its creator, Pete Roe, is musing an even more substantial Submarine with up to 12 outputs - watch this space…

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