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Hotone unveils 4 “versatile, pro-level” Binary dual-footswitch pedals with OLED displays

Hotone has announced the Binary Series, made up of four pedals that promise “versatile, pro-level” tones.

Derived from the Xtomp multi-effects, the Binary Amp, Eko, IR Cab and Mod each offers two footswitches, stereo inputs and outputs, plus an OLED display (which, sadly, isn't switched on in the press images you see here).

Also onboard are 10 presets spread across two banks (100 on the IR Cab) and analogue buffered bypass switching, as well as USB ports for updates and computer-based patch editing via free software.

Hotone is citing its dual-DSP and proprietary Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modelling as offering a realistic playing experience across the series.

We like the concept behind these, and the price is certainly right: the Binary Amp, Eko and Mod pedals are available now for $139, while the Binary IR Cab is $149. See below for the lowdown on each one, and head over to Hotone for more info.

Binary Amp

PRESS RELEASE: The Hotone Binary Amp is an amplifier simulator effects pedal that delivers 16 classic/legendary guitar amp models inspired by various products by Friedman®, Mesa/Boogie®, Fender®, Peavey®, Marshall®, ENGL®, Soldano®, VOX®, Orange® and more, each with its own high-quality cab simulators.Additionally, a built-in FX loop allows the sounds to be expanded even further.

Binary Eko

PRESS RELEASE: The Hotone Binary Eko is a CDCM-based delay effects pedal with stereo I/O and expression pedal support for delivering classic and new Hotone delay sounds. 17 high-quality delay effects types include analog, digital, tape, dual, ping pong, filtered, modulated, slap back and more.

Binary IR Cab

PRESS RELEASE: The Hotone IR Cab is an impulse response-based cabinet simulator effects pedal that delivers 100 authentic vintage and modern guitar and bass cab models inspired by various products by Fender®, Supro®, VOX®, Dumble®, Marshall®, Mesa/Boogie®, Bogner®, Hartke® and more. Additionally, the IR Cab features CDCM-based studio microphone and power amp models, as well as a variety of detailed mic position (X, Y, Z) and room simulations. Users can also import their own IR files to further expand the pedal's library.

Binary Mod

PRESS RELEASE: The Hotone Binary Mod is a CDCM-based modulation effects pedal with stereo I/O and expression pedal support for delivering classic and new Hotone modulation sounds. 24 high-quality modulation effects include choruses, flangers, phasers, tremolos, rotary speaker simulators, vibratos, wahs, detuners and more.

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