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Hotone debuts the Loudster, an affordable floor-based guitar power amp

Hotone has announced the Loudster, a compact, floor-based power amp that clocks in at a tidy $199.

Designed for guitarists seeking an alternative to traditional amp setups - especially players who want to run multi-effects boards through traditional amps - the Loudster delivers 75W of output to 4-16-ohm cabinets.

A single knob controls the overall volume, while the top side of the unit houses an input, speaker output and power in - you’ll need an 18-20V PSU supplying at least 4.5A to fuel this baby.

We like the looks of this, although the Loudster will face considerable competition from Seymour Duncan's PowerStage 170 and Mooer's Baby Bomb.

The Nano Legacy Floor Loudster is available now - Hotone has more info.

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