NAMM 2024: "The analogue experience of the golden era of recording is available to everyone" - Heritage Audio announces new range of audio interfaces

NAMM 2024: Heritage Audio claims that its new family of interfaces is the first set of USB-C interfaces to have built-in Class A 73-style preamps, so they bring the 'golden era' of analogue recording to your digital world.

The i73 Pro family has three members, with various i/o and preamp configurations. The first is the 2-in/4-out Pro One which has a single integrated 73-style preamp. The Pro 2 has the same 2-in/4-out configuration, but boasts dual integrated 73-style preamps. The Pro Edge has the same dual preamps as the Pro 2, but ups the i/o ante with a 12-in/16- out configuration, which includes eight channels over ADAT. 


(Image credit: Heritage Audio)

The key factors here are those preamps, which are said to have the same transformer-balanced circuitry found in "the European pro audio manufacturer’s classic 73-style preamps", which presumably means the Neve 1073. The takeaway is that the preamps and USB-C combination means that uses can capture that that "classic mojo and vibe" straight into your computer.

The interfaces also boast a 3-way input so you can record audio like vocals via the mic input with up to 70dB of gain, use a clean line input, or record electric guitar or bass with a JEFT DI.


(Image credit: Heritage Audio)

Whichever interface you opt for, you get a $£900 software bundle that includes the BritStrip channel strip, HA 15 PRO bass amp, HA 1200 TapeSat, HA 240 Gold Foil Verb, and Heritage TAPEoPLEX.

Which is just as well because these interfaces don't come cheap. The i73 Pro One is €$649, the i73 Pro 2 €$999, and the i73 Pro Edge is €$1,499.

Get more information on the Pro One here, the Pro 2 here and the Pro Edge here.  

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