TC Electronic might have just perfected the compact looper pedal with the Ditto+

When TC Electronic update a winning formula they don't mess around; its new Ditto+ looper pedal is looking like everything we'd hoped for. And more.

The original Ditto won fans for its simplicity and compact size and the Ditto+ scores high again on the latter, though its feature set is a little more involved this time. In a very good way. 

(Image credit: TC Electronic)
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The Ditto+ has 99 memory slots for a vast loop library at your disposal – whether it's your own playing, a drum beat to jam with or a full backing track you want to import. 

The new Extend Loop Mode erases the normal boundaries of looping to allow players to loop longer overdubs on top of shorter loops by continuously stacking the short ones together side by side. 

The pedal repeats the initial loop progression until your overdub is done, before sewing it all together to create one longer extended loop.

(Image credit: TC Electronic)

Another new feature for the Ditto+ is Auto Cue. This allows players to press the footswitch at any time during the final extension of a loop, so you don't have to worry about hitting the switch dead on the beat. 

If it works as easily as it sound, Auto Cue has the potential to take a lot of the stress out of looping.

And if that wasn't enough, there's even an original Ditto looper mode if you want to go back to simpler times. 

To manage all these new features, the Ditto+ includes a hi-res colour display. Loops are imported and exported via USB.

Street prices are looking like £99 in the UK with late August shipping. 

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