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Hands-on demo: Massive X vs Serum - how do they compare?

With Native Instruments finally dropping Massive X after over a decade since the first version, it’s not hard to imagine that many folks were quick to wonder how it compares to that other studio mainstay - Serum.

Many things have changed since the Massive became the must-have softsynth, most notably was the arrival of Xfer’s Serum, which swiftly took the crown. Now Massive has returned with some big changes to the formula, so how do the two compare?

In this hands-on video, we invite Computer Music editor, Joe Rossitter into MusicRadar studio for a closer look at both synths. Can Massive X reclaim the top spot from the not-so-young pretender, or are they just completely different and both worthy of your time? Check out the video above.

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