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Hands-on demo: does the Roland MC-707 bring back that groovebox magic for a new generation?

In this hands-on demo, Si Truss and Simon Arblaster check out Roland's new flagship groovebox, the MC-707.

With the MC line being such a huge favourite with producers from the mid-nineties, the groovebox seemed to fall out of favour come the mid-noughties. The rise of such DAWs as Ableton Live surely had an effect on their decline.

Fast forward another decade and it seems we are obsessed with breaking out of the box. So what better time, then, for MC grooveboxes to make their return.

Neatly fitting in with the Aira range, users of the TR-8 and TR-8S drum machines will find the MC-707 workflow familiar territory. Simialr layout and controls are present but within it's all change with Roland plumping for the new ZEN-Core engine over the CPU-intensive ACB circuitry.