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Watch Coldplay and Michael J Fox perform Back To The Future songs live

Marty McFly's rendition of Johnny B Goode in 1985 flick Back To The Future is unquestionably one of the greatest movie music moments of all time - and stadium-bothering Brit-rockers Coldplay clearly agree, as last night (18 July), they invited BTTF star Michael J Fox onstage to perform the Chuck Berry classic, as well as the Penguins' Earth Angel, also from the film.

A video projected onstage showed Coldplay frontman Chris Martin's son Moses requesting that his dad play something "both of our favourite movie, Back to the Future".

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Martin duly obliged, starting with the Penguins' Earth Angel, with Fox - playing a Les Paul, rather than the Gibson ES-345 that he wields in the movie - joining him halfway through for a brief guitar solo before diving in to Johnny B Goode.

"That's our dream come true. Thank you, Michael," Martin said after the performance.

Fun fact: although Fox played guitar last night, he didn't play in the original movie; guitarist Paul Hanson recorded the actual parts, and trained Fox to sync along with the chords on camera.