VIDEO: Watch Weezer's Pat Wilson play via 'drummer cam'

Pat Wilson loves being part of the 'popular rock combo' Weezer
Pat Wilson loves being part of the 'popular rock combo' Weezer (Image credit: RD/ Erik Kabik/Retna Ltd./Corbis)

Everybody knows Pat Wilson from the popular rock combo Weezer. Really, that's who he is - he even introduces himself as such in the above video, which comes to us from O2 Academy TV.

When Weezer played a sold-out show at the O2 Academy Brixton a few weeks ago, Wilson was subjected to 'drummer cam' - four cameras were set up around the kit to capture a truly intimate, up-close-and-personal look at his performance.

Just as entertaining is Pat's pre-concert segment, during which he talks about discovering his passion for the drums through his aunt's knitting needles, his top three bad drumming habits, and how he likes to strategically position his cymbals while playing with, yes, that 'popular rock combo.'

Sure to be enlightening in other ways is the upcoming Weezer Cruise (which sounds like a truly splendid time to us). If you missed the pre-sale sign-up deadline, which was last Sunday 24 July, you might still be in luck when the regular sale commences on 3 August.

Until then, enjoy these two other 'drummer cam' videos of Pat Wilson playing with Weezer, supplied by O2 Academy TV.

Say It Ain't So

The Good Life

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