VIDEO: Watch the trailer for new doc, Strange Fruit: The Beatles' Apple Records

Go behind of the scenes of The Beatles' own label
Go behind of the scenes of The Beatles' own label

In early 1968, The Beatles set up Apple Records, a unique and daring enterprise that gave a wide range of new artists (James Taylor, Mary Hopkin, Badfinger, Billy Preston, among others) a chance to be heard.

But all was not music at Apple: The Beatles also opened their doors to aspiring filmmakers, inventors, designers and more than a fair share of opportunists. Very little came in the way of these other endeavors, however, and before long, Apple Records was bleeding money. By 1970, it had become a platform for but a select group of acts and the by-then ex-Beatles to release product.

A new documentary, Strange Fruit: The Beatles' Apple Records, takes a behind-the-scenes look at the label's early days. Scheduled for DVD release on 26 March (24 April in the US), the film features new interviews with some of the Apple Records stable: Jackie Lomax, David Peel, label CEO Tony Bramwell and members from Badfinger and Elephant's Memory.

In addition, there are observations from musician and Beatles expert Chris Ingham, author and journalist Mark Paytress and Apple biographer Stefan Granados.

The film also includes archive footage of Apple artists and the organization for which they recorded as well as interviews from the vaults, location film, rare photographs and music.

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