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This is what 7 Boss Metal Zones on at once sounds like

The Boss MT-2 Metal Zone is something of a legend among guitar circles - for all the wrong/right reasons (delete as appropriate) - but apparently, some players were desperate to know: what does it sound like when seven of them are chained together at once? Thankfully, German retail giant Thomann was on hand to heed the call.

As you can hear in the video above, the results are saturated, scooped and compressed beyond belief, bordering on oscillation by the end. Don't try this at home, kids.

This isn't the first piece of pedal chain madness we've seen this year - let's not forget that time 100 pedals were chained together at once.

In other Boss news, the Japanese firm today announced a pair of new pedals, the CP-1X Compressor and AD-2 Acoustic Preamp. Wonder what seven of each of those sounds like at once…