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This is what 100 guitar pedals chained together sounds like

You see a pedal collection, you ask the question: what do they sound like all linked up together? The answer - at least with this collection of 100 pedals - lies in the video above, featuring Tera Melos's Nick Reinhart and The Mars Volta/Racer X bassist Juan Alderete de la Peña.

Filmed for de la Peña's Pedals And Effects channel, the video demonstrates the unsurprisingly cacophonous effects of 100 pedals chained together and activated all at once, as well as different combinations of enviable effects, spanning everything from vintage DOD and Ibanez units to modern-day EarthQuaker and Moog pedals, and everything in between.

A worthy exercise in sonic experimentation, we reckon. Now, what do 101 pedals sound like?