The best of YouTube: #36

To our eyes, Björk hasn't quite got the hang of the TV sales game quite yet
To our eyes, Björk hasn't quite got the hang of the TV sales game quite yet

Every Friday, the MusicRadar team submits its own personal favourite music videos and clips on the net.

Some clips we really like, others are simply comedy classics or oddly intriguing. But all are worth watching. This week, we're following up YouTube #30's entry of a man playing Mozart's Symphony No. 40 in G minor with glass bottles and roller-skates to bring you something even better: the Mario theme playing by glass bottles and an RC car. Read on…

Ben Rogerson's choices

Brian Eno rap
Lots of musicians have been influenced by Brian Eno, but surely only one has gone to the trouble of listing his many and varied achievements through the medium of rap. This is Spider Jaws' touching tribute to "the greatest man who ever lived". BR

Radio-controlled car plays Mario theme on beer bottles
Exactly as it sounds, but a written description can't do justice to the brilliance of this crazy musical stunt. Just ask yourself: how long did this take to set up? BR

Tom Porter's choices

Robot flautist nails Flight Of The Bumblebee
This hat-wearing box of wires has a contorting mouth and tongue, air-controlling lungs which mimic those of a human and a pair of eyes making duets a possibility for the future. Oh yeah, and it can play a note-perfect rendition of Flight Of The Bumblebee… TP

The Ting Tings cover The Gossip via Snap's I've Got The Power
Recorded for BBC Radio One's Live Lounge. I like this almost as much as Dizzee Rascal's cover of The Ting Tings' That's Not My Name: "They call me blood, they call me rudeboy, they call me oi, they call me mate." Amazing. TP

Mike Goldsmith's choices

Built To Spill: Paper Planes (live)
An easy win this week - the seemingly ill-advised cover version. No real reason except for the fact that when I saw Built To Spill perform 1997's still-gorgeous Perfect From Now On this week, the encore involved a cover of M.I.A.'s ubiquitous banger. Cue much gradual recognition, doubletaking and drunken acceptance. Doug Martsch's woozy guitar lines actually worked (really) and the sight of a bunch of US indie rock fans 'grooving' to a hipster anthem was never more sweet. Next up, Silver Jews cover Crystal Castles' CrimewaveMG

CSS w/Donita Sparks: Pretend We're Dead (live)
And keeping in a Nineties indie cover vibe… CSS might've dropped off the bloggers' radar with their second album but they're still having fun. I first saw them sing this old grunge anthem at Glastonbury but here's a version where they get to sing it live with the ex-L7 frontwomen herself at the Henry Fonda Theatre in LA. No, I'm not going to bother linking to 'that' L7 TV performance (oh, alright then) but I will link to this - like L7? Like CSS? I give you a mash-up that actually works! MG

Michael Leonard's choices

DJ Kool Herc and the birth of hip-hop
Early news of this thing called 'hip-hop', reported in rhyme. With Malcolm McLaren being unintentionally hilarious. But mainly, checkout Herc's in-car stereo at 2:12. Now that rocks. ML

Paul Gilbert insane guitar
Gilbert's a good friend of MusicRadar's sister magazine Total Guitar, and MusicRadar has plenty of Paul Gilbert lessons for you to watch. This YouTube clip is rather "Wha…?!" Let's just say it's called insane guitar for a good reason. ML

Joe Bosso's choices

Eric Clapton shreds
During two bizarre interviews, first with a writer for Classic Rock and then on the radio, Cream bassist Jack Bruce bashed Led Zeppelin, called Jimmy Page "crap," but heaped praise on Eric Clapton. This clip makes it easy to see why Bruce thinks so highly of Slowhand. Marvel at the master's chops, and take special note of his band's effortless interplay. (Yes, I know it's a joke. But you have to admit, this stuff's a riot!) JB

John Mayer performs Free Fallin'
It's easy to be irked by John Mayer, what with his I'm-huge-and-I-get-any-girl-I-want vibe. But the truth is, he's a skilled singer, songwriter and guitarist. Here he is, backed by the always-wonderful Robbie McIntosh and David Ryan Harris, doing acoustic justice to the Tom Petty classic, Free Fallin'. JB

Chris Wickett's choices

Hip Hop Violin - Paul Dateh and
A sublime mix of vinyl and violin. Certainly not the strangest blend you'll ever hear though - check out our list of the weirdest collaborations ever committed to tape. CW

How exactly are vinyl records made?
Thanks to the Discovery channel, now you know. Here are parts one and two. CW

Still bored?

We never had Björk down as an electrician (perhaps an electronica-ician…), but yet again she's surprised us. Check out this hilarious clip in which a young Björk shows us how a television works, and offers the advice "you shouldn't let poets lie to you". Wise words indeed.

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