The best of YouTube: #26

Aphex Twin weirdness
Aphex Twin weirdness

Every Friday, the MusicRadar team submits its own personal favourite music videos and clips on the net.

Some clips we really like, others are simply comedy classics or oddly intriguing. But all are worth watching. This selection has everything from a miniature guitar to a double dose of Albert Hammond.

Chris Vinnicombe's choices

Man plays a tiny guitar...
"...through a tiny Marshall stack, of course. Is this impressive, or does it just sound like a dog with a megaphone? You decide. Then decide if this is even more impressive. Does anyone manufacture a tiny tuner?" CV

The Beatles play through the screams at Washington Coliseum
"All the talk of hearing Beatles studio parts in isolation gives me an excuse to dig up some great Beatles live footage. She Loves You, I Saw Her Standing There and Please Please Me. I nearly screamed a little bit myself watching it." CV

Tom Porter's choices

Albert Hammond Jr in an elevator
"This takes being a 'close-knit' band to new levels - five guys with gear squeeze into a lift to perform In Transit and 101. Albert plays a Melodica too, what's not to like?" TP

Albert Hammond Sr - It Never Rains In Southern California
"Keeping it in the family, it's interesting to see where young Albert gets his hair cut inspiration from. Hammond wrote and released this in 1972 before it was covered by Sonny And Cher, Pete Yorn, Barry Manilow and someone called Trent Summar & The New Row Mob. 'It never rains, it pours'… arf". TP

Michael Leonard's choices

John Entwistle's bass isolated
"Still in the spirit of isolated tracks like The Beatles' A Day In The Life, here's the legendary Who bassist isolated on a live 'Ox Cam' take of Won't Get Fooled Again. What he lacked in sartorial and bass taste, he made up for in talent. Get more on the DVD The Kids Are Alright.

"Though if it's comedy gold isolated tracks you want, click immediately on this awesome Dave Lee Roth a cappella. Warning: the 'singing' at 1:27-1:33 might result you spitting coffee on your PC monitor. Maybe Roth had nuts in his mouth?" ML

James Jamerson rules
"Not sure why I'm fixated on bass this week…. User-video on YouTube is why the site is so good, and this dude playing James Jamerson's bassline to the Jackson 5's Darling Dear shows how many great players you can still find in bedrooms. (Here's a straight rip of the original Darling Dear.) Fantastic bass playing, fact.

"Related, Michael Jackson is 50 years old today - though some parts of his body may well be younger. So here's KT Tunstall (and trusty Akai Headrush looper pedal) covering the Jackson 5's I Want You Back. More KT Tunstall here." ML

Keyboard Choir
"'Post-rock' arrives on the keys. Mogwai fans might want to listen. That's all." ML

Mike Goldsmith's choices

Grizzly Bear: Two Weeks on Letterman
"After last week's wigouts, something a bit closer to home - Warp Records. First, some new treats. Recent signings have taken Warp one step away from their electronica roots - see the wonky delights of HudMo (due to be massive, surely) and Flying Lotus, the NY art movements of Gang Gang Dance or the Battles-go-psych jamming of Pivot - but Warp's trademark quality stills shines through no matter what the genre. I could've chosen anything from that list but have plumped for a new track by the ever-gorgeous Grizzly Bear, as premiered on Live on David Letterman. Yeah, Letterman. Weird or what?" MG

Aphex Twin: To Cure A Weakling Child
"Next up, in celebration of upcoming releases on Warp from older stablemates Squarepusher and Nightmares on Wax, an archive treat from Mr Aphex-san. Rather than his usually-blogged Cunningham brainmelters, I've gone for this excellent homemade footage-mash for the gorgeous highlight from Richard D James.

"Recently covered by Domino nu-folkie Adem, To Cure A Weakling Child has received plenty of YouTubing from stop-star animation to bemani madness but the best has to be this Fatboy-alike dance-off. Check out the other songs this dance class do then ask yourselves… Why the hell are they doing this?" MG

Chris Wickett's choices

Abba vs 50 Cent - Queen Of Da Club
"Recent news of an Oasis/Jay-Z mash-up album reminded me of another mash-up pairing unlikely musical mates: A surprising joyful sounding version Fiddy's In Da Club fused seamlessly with Abba's Dancing Queen." CW

Final Fantasy covers Mariah Carey
"Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy has worked with everyone from The Arcade Fire to The Last Shadow Puppets. Never with Mariah Carey though - but he clearly likes her stuff all the same. Here's a version of her track Fantasy played only with a violin, looping pedal and vocals." CW

Joe Bosso's choices

Middle-aged man plays drums to My Sharona
"I'm celebrating some unsung heroes of YouTube this week. Say what you will about midlife crises, this guy's got it down. Hey - maybe his Viagra just kicked in?" JB

Unknkown man plays drums to Strawberry Fields Forever
"I've witnessed countless drummers tackle this song and never get it right. I myself have played it through the years trying to divine the secrets to Ringo's classic patterns. This anonymous fellow comes the closest of anybody I've seen." JB

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