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David Lee Roth puts nuts in mouth, almost dies

Aw, nuts!
Aw, nuts!

David Lee Roth is famous for what comes out of his mouth, but the Van Halen vocalist almost died recently for what he instead put into his mouth.

Roth was reportedly pulled over for speeding in Ontario, Canada last month when officers noticed the rocker was having a medical emergency. As it turned out, Roth was suffering from a severe allergic reaction to nuts.

An ambulance was called and Roth, who at one time worked as an EMT, was taken to a local hospital, where he was treated and released. The officers are being credited with saving Roth's life.

We at MusicRadar extend a heartfelt thanks to the police officers and medical staff, not only for restoring Roth to good health but, more importantly, sparing us all from having to deal with the thought of Sammy Hagar rejoining Van Halen.