The best of YouTube: #2

Fisher Price rocks!
Fisher Price rocks!

MusicRadar has been trawling YouTube once again for the good, bad and ugliest video clips we can find.

To temper all the serious gear news we´re reporting form the Frankfurt Musikmesse, this week's best of is a little more light-hearted. Enjoy, and please comment with your own favourites…

Guitar on YouTube

1. Hilariously bad guitar lesson
Yes, very funny.

2. Stairway To Heaven
Played by Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. That´s got to be a quality performance, right? Mmm...

3. Rodrigo Y Gabriela rework Stairway
Sacrilege to say, but in this case that´s much better.

3. Django Reinhardt guitar solo
We´re not sure what he does at 2:32, but given that he had only two working fingers we´re impressed.

Tech on YouTube

1. The Fisher Price DJ controller
In a week when countless new products have been launched and demoed at Musikmesse, watch this chap from DJ Tech previewing a unique mixing device...

2. The musical baby
They start them early in Japan: see how Cycling '74's Max/MSP software enabled this nine-month-old baby to make music with its teething ring.

3. Rihanna loves GarageBand
The beat in Umbrella comes straight out of Apple´s entry-level software, as this French GarageBand user demonstrates.

4. Keith Emerson…in Gladiator
The prog rock legend re-imagined as a Roman slave who won´t step into battle without his arsenal of classic synths.

5. The real Guitar Hero
See this guy play Smells Like Teen Spirit on his hacked and modified video game controller.

Drums on YouTube

1. Stick juggling drummer
Catch this guy, Chip Ritter.

2. Robot drummer
Back in the '80s, drummers were put out of work by drum machines. Now, it's robot drummers.

3. Young Dave Grohl
Here he is in pre-Nivana band, Scream.

4. Neil Peart fans practice hard!
Here´s Johnny Sillers´ version of the live YYZ drum solo. And Astrotama just rocks along with the album version. Respect: these people keep Tama in business.

5. The history of drums
Drum veteran Jay Webler may be stretching the truth when he says he´s playing 100 years of drum styles in eight minutes (where´s the funk!?), but we love this anyway. Read his About This Video post, too.

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